“Ready to use” system stand construction

Nine perfected stand concepts cover practically all trade show requirements and are easy to customise. Additional bonus: Reusable components make these solutions particularly sustainable. Quick, simple, inexpensive and attractive trade fair presentations are now available on a rental basis!

Listing for System

Title Intro Pdf
Pluto <p>Attention grabbing designer wall and distinctive ceiling structure. Offers a range of meeting options and is suitable for stand sizes of 24&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup> and larger.</p> Edit Delete
Kallisto <p>Features a meeting area with privacy screen, and a tall aluminium construction for long-distance impact. Ideal for stand sizes from 15&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup>.</p> Edit Delete
Oberon <p>Eye-catching elevated panels with customisable print and coloured walls. Ideally suited for 15&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup> stands and larger.&nbsp;</p> Edit Delete
Vesta <p>Achieves good long-distance impact with its tall aluminium construction and offers a wide range of meeting options. Ideal for stand sizes from 15&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup></p> Edit Delete
Wave <p>Has an appealing design with organic shapes and raised curved panels and is ideal for sizes of 15 m<sup>2</sup> and larger.</p> Edit Delete
Kompakt <p>Long-distance impact thanks to tall panel and custom print. Ideally suited for 9&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup> stands and larger.</p> Edit Delete
Curvo <p>Has an eye-catching protruding wall construction, and the stand form and size are freely selectable. Ideal for stand sizes from 9&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup>.</p> Edit Delete
Picco <p>Suitable for shared stands larger than 3&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup>; free-standing and usable from both sides</p> Edit Delete
Cube <p>Ideally suited for 9&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup> stands and larger; its tall aluminium construction has the benefit of being highly visible from afar.</p> Edit Delete
Primo <p>Freely selectable size and form; ideal for sizes of 9&nbsp;m<sup>2</sup> or larger.</p> Edit Delete
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