"Ready to use" system stand construction

Nine perfected stand concepts cover practically all trade show requirements and are easy to customize. Additional bonus: Reusable components make these solutions particularly sustainable. Now quick, simple, and inexpensive for an attractive trade show presentation on a rental basis!

Systemstand » Curvo «

ideal for 9 m2 upwards

Reference price for 15 mapprox. €1.270,50

  • Increased-height, partially curved panel, including custom print
  • Colored booth combined with white panels
  • Eye-catcher: Wall set forwards
  • 6 shelves
  • Meeting area (1 table with 4 chairs)
  • Type and size of stand can be selected freely

Wall construction:

Outer partition walls of stand, 2.50 meters in height, modular system


Rep carpeting in silver, anthracite, red or blue, with edge binding and cover film


Curved booth, approximately 2 m2, in red, blue or black, with lockable rotating door


Increased-height, partially curved panel, including custom print

Data formats: Printable PDF files, also EPS vector formats, text converted into outlines


Meeting table with 4 chairs, coat rack, 6 shelves and wastepaper basket

Technical fixtures and fittings:

One halogen spot per 3 m2 of stand area. 2 additional spots on the panels


Electricity supply connection must be ordered separately