"Ready to use" system stand construction

Nine perfected stand concepts cover practically all trade show requirements and are easy to customize. Additional bonus: Reusable components make these solutions particularly sustainable. Now quick, simple, and inexpensive for an attractive trade show presentation on a rental basis!

Systemstand » Primo «

ideal for 9 m2 upwards

Reference price for 15 mapprox. €948,00

  • Type and size of stand can be selected freely
  • All-round panels with company name
  • Booth size as required (lockable)
  • Booth size as required (lockable)
  • Meeting area (1 table with 4 chairs)
  • Diverse range of carpet colors
  • Including halogen spots

Wall construction:

Outer partition walls of stand, in white. Wood decor in “antique white” or perforated plate


Needle felt carpeting in gray, anthracite, red, blue, green, beige or brown, with edge binding and cover film


Booth with lockable rotating door. Size as required


All-round panel (white, blue or red) with company name in white or black


Meeting table (round or rectangular) with 4 chairs

Technical fixtures and fittings:

One halogen spot per 4 m2 of stand area


Electricity supply connection must be ordered separately