Sustainable by conviction

At Wörnlein, we are fully aware of our ecological and social responsibility – and therefore committed to sustainable trade fair construction. Be it reusable trade fair materials, the processing and utilization of no-longer-required components or sustainable production methods in our carpentry shop: We are passionate about our environment! 

Standardized processes as well as cutting-edge and energy-efficient technologies help to conserve both energy and materials. Through our PV system, we are able to generate 254 kWp of electricity. And thanks to our heat pump and wood chip heating system, we can be fully self-sufficient when it comes to heating and cooling our entire production and office facilities. For sustainable trade fair presentations.

Constant cleaning, repair and
reuse of trade fair materials

Utilization of
no-longer-required components
in the wood chip heating system

PV system
Heat pump
Wood chip heating system

Our sustainability pillars


Thanks to the return, cleaning and repair of our rental furniture, walls can be reused up to 15 times. When purchasing other furniture, we pay particular attention to sustainable details.

Further processing

If individual pieces can no longer be used, we try to employ them elsewhere or to utilize them in our wood chip heating system. This allows us to heat our warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Heat recovery

From the PV system installed on top of our production facilities and the heat pump for all the offices to the wood chip heating system as the last stop for non-recyclable, wood-based products – we have long been proponents of sustainable heating.

We embody sustainability and are a certified climate-neutral company

Since we can only make the world a better place together! We are audited annually and continue to adapt our environmental management processes. Certification is carried out in cooperation with INTECHNICA. We help to reduce CO2 emissions by actively supporting global offset projects.
See an overview here:

Humus cultivation in Germany

Positerra is one of our offset projects and enables companies to compensate their CO2 emissions. German farmers cultivate humus, thereby binding CO2 released into the atmosphere.

This enables us to:
Improve agricultural soils
Support local farmers
Offset our CO2 emissions

Drinking water wells in Rwanda

In cooperation with KlimaManufaktur, we support projects to construct drinking water wells in Rwanda and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

We also help to protect biodiversity. Further project goals are to promote sustainable and ecofriendly development, while seeking to enhance the social situation in the local region.

Memberships and certifications

Assisted Assessment Certificate

Certified CO2e-neutral company

Certified climate protection partner

Certificate for CO2 offset project